Thursday, 30 January 2014

I just used my boobs to get out of a speeding fine...

Well... My boobs seem controversial enough at the moment, so I might add to it.

Ironically I got a speeding fine this week and as yet, I have not had a chance to use my boobs to get me out of the fine... If I can, I will! 

Sadly, those who commented are now trapped in a Facebook game, which for once if actually quite fun! 

My college friend had ' oh no I just crashed my bosses car' as her status and I commented ' oh no 😟'... I just started texting her hoping she was ok when I received this...

Sorry Beth,Its a game and you have just become another victim as did I. Hehe. You never should have commented or liked my status. The person who likes or comments on my status must choose one of the following phrases and put it in their own Facebook status for at least an hour Hmmm ok..
You can choose...
Oh no just scratched my boss's car,
I've decided to get a tattoo,
Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding fine,
Oh no lost my phone and there's saucy pics on it,
Why is no one around when I'm feeling horny?,
No toilet paper..goodbye socks..
Note: remember you can only use one of these sentences. No explanations , no comments. When someone comments or likes your status, send him/her this message. You must do it and please, keep the secret. Your turn !;-)

Clever huh! So now I am watching the fun unfold! 

I wonder which people will do first- read my blog, or my status! 

Happy motoring...

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